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Linode: Upgrades memory to double. Effectively half price per VPS

April 12, 2013

Recently I posted about Linode’s Network and Hardware improvement project at no additional cost to customers. Linode has further announced not more than a week ago that they will double the Memory allocated per plan.

For example I started out on a Linode 768 about 2 years ago and upgraded to 1GB plan for 40$/month approximately. According to the latest upgrades I will be on 2G memory soon. Most DC VPS  have already been upgraded except for Fremont DC for which there is no ETA at this time.

Effectively I have doubled my VPS capacity over the year at t he same price.

Here is a breakdown of the latest plans from Linode







Linode 1G

1 GB

24 GB

2 TB

8 cores (1x priority)

$20 / mo

Linode 2G

2 GB

48 GB

4 TB

8 cores (2x priority)

$40 / mo

Linode 4G

4 GB

96 GB

8 TB

8 cores (4x priority)

$80 / mo

Linode 8G

8 GB

192 GB

16 TB

8 cores (8x priority)

$160 / mo

Linode 16G

16 GB

384 GB

20 TB

8 cores (16x priority)

$320 / mo

Linode 24G

24 GB

576 GB

20 TB

8 cores (24x priority)

$480 / mo

Linode 32G

32 GB

768 GB

20 TB

8 cores (32x priority)

$640 / mo

Linode 40G

40 GB

960 GB

20 TB

8 cores (40x priority)

$800 / mo

Not long ago (2 years) that first plan was basically 512MB RAM with 10GB disk and about 100GB bandwidth at $19.95. There is that 5 cent difference but honestly it makes no difference. I am so used to shit resources everywhere else that this an all star customer service already.

Linode has finally come back to the charts with their latest upgrades and pricing. Linode is a very powerful VPS platform that supports stackscripts which is a glorified shell script in essence. It is quite similar to what we do with install/buildbot scripts (or chef / puppet etc for the jargon babbling crowd) and does help you get started quickly.

I was beginning to wonder, not too long ago, if I should just trash the expensive VPS and go for a dedi as it would be cheaper. Not to mention AWS is already a good choice if Linode has stuck to their resource vs. pricing plans. Whoever is the new BDM or incharge in Linode doing this, good work. At least you no longer walk with your eyes closed.

If you look at the 4G mark where most dedicated servers start you will see that the price is actually competitive and given that it’s a vps on a superior platform it would be a better choice that going for Low-mid range Dedicated server at this price. Secondly most Dedicated server stop at 10TB bandwidth but Linode has good network and is already exceeding by 60% at 8G Linode.

Linode also has a good set of tools and wiki help guides on several sysadmin topic, including the one I found most useful when I was stuck with a memory to disk swap issue : Identifying and fixing memory issues. I mean I have been used to my 12-24GB ram servers so one tends to forget :D Plus I haven’t really setup apache2 servers in a very… very long time.

source: Linode Blog

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