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Linode update: Great improvement over the past few weeks

April 04, 2013

I have posted earlier about Linode and it’s lack of performance on my node as time went by.  However in the recent few weeks it has been back to top performance and I did not change anything. In fact I added two more sites to it.

Linode has made a whole bunch of improvements recently:

Improved network performance

Increase in Data Transfer by 1000%. yes. I used to get 400GB but now I have 4TB outbound, inbound is always free. It seems the CPU is also much better though it seems there is either upgrade or move of some accounts around. I will need to do a reboot to get the improvement apparently, according to their blog post on March 18th.

Linode did improve their network for my own experience

CPU Upgrades

Now they are going ahead to add better CPU on nodes by upgrading them to 8 cores. Currently webmin is reporting I am still on 4 cores L5520

The thing about Linode is that they do upgrade and they do it for free. In one year the disk space increased by 50% and bandwidth by over 2000%. Unlike some hosts who are only interested in keeping you on old shit and charging you more for the same stuff.


[caption id=“attachment_144” align=“aligncenter” width=“869”] Linode CPU upgrades, before reboot Linode CPU upgrades, before reboot screenshot[/caption]

Going ahead with reboot…

2mins later.

holy shit. it’s 8 cores. Linode does it again. These upgrades Linode is doing is absolutely free. Considering that the Dreamhost shared host I use is still on the same hardware for at least 4 straight years and you can actually distinguish between crawling 2012 and crawling 2013 this is commendable. On a sidenote , the only thing that works well on Dreamhost for me is their Mail server… aptly named “homie”.

Their blog post said E5-2670 as the new processor. I don’t see it yet but then it could be webmin. Will check on this in detail. But heck at the free upgrade to 8 core I am not complaining.

Given the current upgrades at linode I am planning to move one of my dedicated host with 8 sites over to Linode to solve my problem with european providers who are now buying gold chains with your IP address money.


[caption id=“attachment_145” align=“aligncenter” width=“766”] linode after reboot cpu upgrade 8 core linode after reboot cpu upgrade 8 core[/caption]

I just like saying proof. proof.

source Linode Blog

affiliate note: I have slapped Linode before. I am pretty frank about it because there are enough aff based posts about each host to screw all our collective brains. I use aff links when available and it gets me money off my own hosting at Linode. It does not make me rich and it does not cost you more, so feel free to click … or not.

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