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Analyze disk space usage on linux servers

December 14, 2016

I have been using du and df with a bit of other bash scripts to gather disk space usage information on my linux servers. I need to clean up disk space often specially when I am reaching 70% usage just to be sure I will really need that next upgrade. On Windows we have WinDirStat and for KDE there is KDirStat (same tool ported to Windows) but for headless Servers GUI is not an option.

I have come accross the command line tool called ncdu that can be installed from the regular Repository. Just yum or apt-get this tool.

You can get per directory usage sorted by space taken like this

ncdu <root-path-to-use>

You can even hit d to delete directories and files recursively. None of that xargs weirdness to handle large number of files. It takes care of that.

Give it a spin.

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