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Can VPN improve connectivity for Gamers

June 08, 2016

Experiment I ran using AWS Cloud with OpenVPN seems to suggest Yes.

It reduces latency for very bad routes. for e.g. 250 MS from Singapore to Australia is common for cheaper ISP in Australia. By using AWS I was able to get connectivity to a better provider in AU and hop off of that and that reduced latency to 110Ms. Not great but good enough to get on Planetside.

Couple of gotcha.

VPN forwards all traffic. With some configuration we might get TCP to work but not UDP without full VPN. Split VPN is something I have not worked out on how to setup.

VPN has a ton of overhead, but it’s the only way I found to have some control over BGP routes.

last but not the least, there is no guarantee or safe way to determine that you have chosen the best route to the destination host for the VPN and also you would have to specify the VPN node you are going to use. It’s trial and error. I believe WTFast has just managed to set it up

People have known this trick for awhile but I would not approach the problem this way as it is not scalable. It is no better than say just paying for HMA or other VPN service providers

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