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I gave up on Blogofile, wp on openshift - here I come.

June 29, 2012

I decided it’s not worth wasting time on Blogofile, awesome concept and a working S3 deployment plugin. Unfortunately I could never get the styles to work for Code highlighting seems there is much to fix and hardly any help on the matter.

I often considered simply using Flask microframework to do a python blog system by myself. Not to reinvent the wheel but to learn Python along the way. I do not have time for that either and delaying my itch to write things on my scratch pad is getting mildly annoying now. Have…to…scratch.

So good ol’ Wordpress it is, it never fails except when it gets randomly hacked by script kiddies. Plus I am using Redhat Openshift so I still get to learn something here. Now I got to figure what to do with my AWS instance which I had setup for advanced fiddling. I guess I will use the Route 53 only for now then,  AWS has been kind enough to give me  enough credits to last quite a bit.

It’s time to copy paste my only two posts in blogofile which I made before I cracked, damn monokai styles wouldn’t load. The whole thing was screwed up at the template level.

I also hope no one finds this site.

You are welcome to connect with me. Abhishek Dujari
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